Monday, December 14, 2015

Fun Friday Crafts Sponsored by DecoArt

Last Friday I made crafts with the students at the school where I teach, Chapin Middle School. We used DecoArt DecoPage and Americana Enamel Gloss to decorate glass jars and recycled cardboard ornaments. The students used the DecoPage to adhere patterned papers and die cut snowflakes, trees, and stars to the jars and ornaments. Some also used DecoArt Enamel Paints to paint their glass jars. A huge thanks to DecoArt who generously donated DecoPage for us to use at this event.

The students had fun decorating the glass jars using die cut shapes and DecoPage

Some of the students used DecoArt Americana Gloss Enamel Paints
to paint their glass jars before adding their die cuts. 

 They also created some beautiful ornaments made from recycled cereal boxes, 
patterned papers, and die cuts. 

These were a couple of fun and easy projects that used recycled materials and allowed the students to use their creativity. They are perfect projects for kids to work on over the holidays. If you are inspired to try projects like these, please let me know. I would love to see what you make.

Happy Holidays!!


  1. Wow! You have some very creative students, based on the amazing Christmas projects they made. Hope you had a marvelous Christmas and have a happy new year!

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