Monday, January 2, 2012

Think Happy Thoughts - Part 2

I spent most of the weekend working on cards for magazine submissions so I don't have anything new to show today. But, I remembered that I forgot to include in my Top 10 post one of my most favorite cards of 2011. I got the idea for this card one night last June and woke up the next morning and made it in about 30 minutes which is pretty quick for me. I wasn't going to put a sentiment on it, but I looked in my stash of stamps and found this one that fit perfectly in the rainbow so I decided to use it. It's a great sentiment and it's from one of my Unity Kits of the Month. 

What shocks me about this card is the attention it has gotten and continues to get. It was featured on Facebook by Splitcoast the day I posted it and right now it has received 3954 views on my Splitcoast Page, been favorited by 79 people and has 24 comments. That's way more than any of my other cards has ever gotten! Plus, when I check my blog stats it gets viewed almost every day and has been posted on blogs around the world in languages I don't even know. I guess there is some type of universal appeal for buttons and rainbows!!

Since I have to go back to work today after a 2 week break, I thought I would send myself this card and do my best to Think Happy Thoughts!! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


  1. It's always so tough to go back to work after a break. Love this wonderful card, Donna! Such a neat idea to use buttons to create a rainbow! Hope your first day back goes well! :)

  2. beautiful!!! no wonder it is so popular, it is pretty perfect if you ask me!

    -rachel w k

  3. I agree with the masses... this card is SUPER cute!! Sometimes what seems like the simplest idea, creates the most amazing cards!

  4. Donna, congrats on going viral with this ADORABLE button rainbow card!


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