Monday, January 18, 2016

DecoArt Winter Wonderland Challenge

Welcome to my blog. Today I have a pretty long post. I decided to make a project for the DecoArt Winter Wonderland Challenge. I made a little box with a snowflake on the lid. The box is about 5 inches tall and 4 inches wide. I wanted the colors to be wintry blues and purples. I used a ton of DecoArt products and tried to take photos along to way to show you and remind me of all the products I used.

Here's the final box. 
Directions for how I made it all with tons of DecoArt products are below.

Here is the paper box and the chipboard snowflake. 
I bought them at Hobby Lobby.

First, I covered them with DecoArt Media Gesso 

Then I mixed some DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics in Purple and White and painted the box.

I wanted to add some shine so I painted a coat of DecoArt Media Turquoise Interference.

Next I mixed some DecoArt Media Shimmer Mister in Turquoise with some Media Crackle 
Paste and covered the box and the lid.

At this point, the amount of the crackle will be dependent on how much crackle paste 
you apply. I applied varying amounts in different places to get a random look. 
I love how you can see the purple through the cracks. 
NOTE: I find it's best to wait over night to work with the crackled area, because it continues to crackle for a really long time.

At this point I thought the box was little too light so I brushed on some of the Turquoise Shimmer Mist. I love how it filled the cracks and added some depth to the box. 
As I brushed it on, I immediately rubbed the excess off with a paper towel to get more variation in the color. 

To give it another layer of dimension, I randomly rubbed some 
DecoArt Silver Metallic Lustre all over the box and lid.

And finally, I brushed on a layer of DecoArt Fuschia Twinkles. I just squirted some of the Twinkles Writer out of the container and used a brush to apply it for some more sparkle.

I was finally happy with the box, so it was time to get to work on the snowflake. It already had DecoArt Media Gesso on it.

I mixed up some DecoArt Media Silver Metallic paint with some Media Crackle Paste to put on the snowflake. Then I decided to add some Turquoise Interference.

At this point I still didn't think it was dark enough to contrast with the white snowflake when it crackled, so I added some of the DecoArt Media Purple Fluid Acrylic and I couldn't help myself so I added some of the DecoArt Fuschia Twinkles. That made the mixture pretty lumpy so I decided to go ahead and put spread it on the snowflake. 



After letting it dry over night, I added some DecoArt Gloss DecoPage 
to add another shiny layer and to adhere it to the box top.

This is what it looked like before it dried.

Here are some pictures of the final box.


  1. Great tutorial of your steps on creating your pretty little wintery box. Love the crackle and your choice of colors. Thanks for sharing and joining the DecoArt Winter Challenge.

  2. Fabulous all the textures and fabulous step outs. Thanks for creating for the DecoArt Winter Wonderland Challenge.


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