Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Dusty!!

Today is very special day. It's my Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Dusty's Birthday!! She's 12, but since she's a Leap Day baby this only her 3rd real birthday. So, every 4 years we have a party for Dusty and  her closest doggie friends. This year, the party is this weekend.

I needed to push it back a little due to Dusty's recent eye surgeries. She's had ulcers in one eye (she's already had this surgery in the other eye a couple of years ago) and the first surgery she had about a month ago didn't work so she went to a specialist in Charlotte, NC and had another surgery 2 weeks ago. I've really had a tough month dealing with dog issues. But, Dusty is now off the painkillers and she got the "lampshade" off after 3 weeks so she is in a much better mood and ready to party!

I thought I would post pictures of her mom and dad today. Her mother was Jimanie's Sweet Talker "Kathie Lee" and her father was Ch. Hallmark's Olympian "Sport." Her father was the 1998 National Specialty winner and a gorgeous dog. She gets her good looks and athletic abilities from him and her sweet personality from her mother. Dusty's registered AKC name is Jimanie Foxllyn Dust in The Wind. She loves agility and won tons of awards and titles in her hay day. She hasn't competed in the last 5 years or so due to her mother getting tired from traveling on the weekends all the time. She's also been in newspaper ads and TV commercials for our local paper The State. She's my little star!!

Kathie Lee
Ch. Hallmark's Olympian

Of course, now I have to post some of my favorite pictures of Dusty.

A picture from one of her photo shoots - look familiar?

in the snow that we rarely get

At her last birthday party!

Doing her favorite thing - agility!


  1. Happy Birthday to Dusty! She's adorable! How cute that she's a leap year baby!

  2. She is just gorgeous, Happy Birthday Dusty! Can't believe she's a leap year pup, that's fantastic, have a great party!

  3. Happy Birthday Dusty!!! I love everything about this post Donna! She is a little beauty...look at her leaping over the jump...she must have been fun to watch. Please pass on a hug and tummy rub from me xx

  4. Happy Birthday to Dusty! I grew up with a Cardigan Welsh corgi so I know how intelligent and sweet these dogs can be! So glad the eye surgery finally worked and let's hope this takes care of the problem.

  5. What a sweet, sweet dog!! My daughter loves Corgi's and I can see why! Happy Birthday to your sweet buddie :-)

  6. Bless her pretty little heart! She's beautiful, Donna, and happy birthday to you, Dusty! I know you make your momma proud!


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